History & Vision of Barkhat

Barkhat University was founded in year 2009 as a private, non-profit institution for higher education by its founder members with a determined the mission, vision and goals in the scene of Iran's higher education. Barkhat University was granted its Basic license for establishment of a private higher education institute based on e-learning in 2014 and its final approval license in 2015 from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

Higher education in Iran is in need of flexibility and swift update in order to provide creative and capable graduates. Barkhat Institute was established with the objective to provide university educational facilities by utilizing modern technologies for all enthusiasts and intends to act to provide the societies professional needs in accordance with the vision of developing the country through utilization of communication and information technology. Modern methods of provision of educational services and new approaches to learning guarantee the training of creative human resource capital and qualified personnel.

ICT Centrality in Barkhat institutions educational programs and application of these technologies in the provision of university educational services along with implementation of new educational approaches will enable the Institute to educate professional technologists and knowledgeable managers capable of competing in the national and international labor markets.
Barkhat educational activities are in the Engineering field graduate Studies and has started by providing a two-year graduate program in the Information Technology and Computer Engineering as its specialized field.

The University development program will be undertaken with the participation of credible foreign universities. In addition, degree accredited formal education, medium-term and short-term courses and the universities research activities will be in accordance to the professional needs of the countries ICT development.

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